It starts with a great man R.A.Fisher, whom I believe to be one of the smartest men to ever live. The more I study his works, the humbler I get, in terms of my intellectual ability.

Then, the age of computing came, and another great man, John Tukey, had seen the future, moving away from pen and paper statistics.

And thanks to Intel, Samsung, and many other companies, I can process the data with several million records with more than hundred of attributes in-memory! Also simple but ground-breaking invention of Hadoop and MapReduce has brought the new age. Big data age has come, and lots of us, statistician, electrical engineer, and computer scientist have been blessed, that we are building what will be the norm of the future society.

Last but not least, we hear about ridiculous technological advancements – manless car, augmented reality, real-time translator, and much more, thanks to Geoff Hinton, whose work during the last decade really inspire me.


I am interested in statistical computing, machine learning, and data visualization. I want to share some of the ideas / works of mine.



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