Born March 1st, 1989 in Daejeon, South Korea
Raised in Daegu, South Korea during childhood
Moved to Sydney, Australia at 7. Attended Manly Public School.
Back in Korea after a year.
Moved to Athens, GA at 13. Attended Hilsman Middle School.
Back in Korea after a year.
Studied at Gyeongbuk Foreign Language Highschool
Studied at Rice University in Houston, TX
Now at Boston, MA

Professional Interests
Statistical Computing
The more and more I work with various datasets, especially complex datasets that require
joining tables and mapping values, I come to realize that an efficient computing is really important.

Machine Learning
Knowledge in regression (regularized, generalized linear model) to more modern ones (neural nets, convolutional network).
There is no one premium solution, so it is import to know various modeling procedures, from variable transformation, feature selection, to actual model fitting.

Data Visualization
From my work experience, I have found out that data visualization is one of the most important skills data scientist should possess. Delivering technical terminologies and results in table or numerical fashion is not the most desirable format for end-user and / or clients. I have been vastly influenced by Hadley Wickham, former professor of Rice University and chief scientist at RStudio.


R : Advanced. My main tool. Recently interested and learning H2O and PMML for big data computation.
Python : Intermediate. I use pandas, numpy and sklearn.
SQL : Intermediate. Able to perform complex queries.
Unix / Linux : Started using it back in college to access cluster. emacs / awk …
HTML / CSS / JS : Basic web development experience.


Korean : Native Speaker
English : almost Native Speaker
Chinese : Read / Speak / Listen without difficulties


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